LUME is an Italian independent production company founded in 2014 by Adriano Bassi, CEO and Executive Producer, and Lara Calligaro, Partner Producer. We are a full service production company based in Turin and Milan, among the main hubs of European creative industry.

LUME delivers an end-to-end service to international clients, facilitating advertising, feature films, photographic shoots and TV production throughout Italy.

We work only with the top of the class, handpicking our crews to bring your films to life.

Because sometimes words are not enough...


Focus on work ethic

Focus on work ethic

Work ethic is an attitude of determination and dedication towards one's work and a commitment to the environment. We have created a Code of Ethics with some indications to maintain a positive attitude towards the company and work colleagues in both professional and personal interactions and also towards the environment to be increasingly eco-friendly at work and in life.

Download Lume code of ethics